Frequently Asked Questions



1. Gander Mountain

  • Q: What is happening at Gander Mountain?

  • Gander Mountain is the nation's largest retail network of outdoor specialty stores for hunting, fishing, camping, marine, apparel, footwear, shooting sports, and outdoor lifestyle. Gander Mountain has spent over 50 years igniting people's passion for the outdoors. In every natural convention, from twisting trails to surging streams, we've challenged ourselves to discover something valuable to pass along to each of our customers. We are committed to staying the go-to place for outdoor enthusiasts who are constantly in search of great, high-quality gear to help them make more great moments in the outdoors.

    In March 2017, Gander Mountain filed for voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and began the work to restructure the company and remain a part of the outdoor community. In May 2017, Gander Mountain and Overton’s were acquired by Camping World Holdings, Inc.

  • Q: What does this mean for Gander Mountain?

  • The announcement of Camping World acquiring the Gander Mountain brand means that we will continue to be a part of the specialty outdoor market. Many of our customers that depend on us for their recreational lifestyle will continue to enjoy the great products and services that have been the company’s hallmark throughout its history. We at Gander Mountain believe that our best days are still ahead of us and we ask that you join us in welcoming and supporting this successful transition. Camping Wor ld shares the same passion for the outdoors as Gander Mountain and our customers do, making for a great melding of businesses and outdoor communities.

  • Welcome to the team, Camping World! We are excited for the future and the infinite possibilities ahead of us to serve the outdoor community!
    Check back in Fall 2017 for more details!

2. Returns & Exchanges

  • Q: Can I return my purchase in stores?

  • Q: Can I return my purchase online?

    • Any products purchased prior to May 5, 2017 can be returned under the posted policy until June 2, 2017.
    • Any refunds will be given to the customer in the original form of payment.
    • If you purchased using a gift card, you will receive a refund check.
    • Please view our return policy here for additional details.

3. Orders

  • Q: Will my current order be shipped? If not, how quickly will I get my money back?

    • Any existing orders placed prior to May 5, 2017 will ship unless otherwise notified.
    • We will make every attempt to notify you if we are unable to fulfill your order.
    • Please reference your email or call our contact center (1-888-542-6337) for an updated order status.
  • Q: How do I check my order status?

    • Please reference your email or call our contact center (1-888-542-6337) for an updated order status.
  • Q: Can I still pick up my order in store?

    • All existing in-store pickup orders placed prior to May 5, 2017 will be available for in-store pickup.

4. My Account & Wish List

  • Q: Will I still be able to access My Account or my Wish List?

    • Your My Account access will be paused temporarily as we redesign and update our website. All products in your Wish List will no longer be available.

5. Rebates

  • Q: How do I check the status of my rebate?

    • Please contact the product vendor for a status on your rebate.
    • For all Gander Mountain Rebates, please email or call our contact center (1-888-542-6337).

6. Gift Cards

  • Q: Can I still use my Gander Mountain gift cards?

  • Q: How to file a claim?


    Creditors in the Gander Mountain bankruptcy case may file proofs of claim either electronically or by printing a claim to fill out and mail in to the court. The claims filing deadline is July 17, 2017. Please follow this link for claims

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are filing a proof of claim on your own behalf, you are the "creditor" and should add your name in the "creditor" field on the claim form. You must also enter your address on the claim form. If you need assistance, please call the Bankruptcy Court at 1-866-260-7337 or 651-848-1000.

    PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE ACTUAL GIFT CARD TO THE BANKRUPTCY COURT. Please be advised that the court staff is not able to give legal advice.

7. Firearm Services

  • Q: What is the status of gunsmith service orders? Are stores still accepting gunsmith service orders? What will happen to open gunsmith service orders?

    • All service work that is already in progress will be completed. We are honoring all protection plan services ordered prior to May 5, 2017.
    • We are not taking in any new services that are not covered under the protection plan agreement.
    • No additional protection plans will be offered after May 5, 2017.
  • Q: Can I still sell or trade my firearm?

    • At this time, you will not be able to sell or trade your firearm through Gander Mountain.
  • Q: What is the status of the firearms pro plan?

    • Gander Outdoors will continue to service firearms that fall under the firearms protection plans sold by Gander Mtn. However, during the transition from Gander Mtn to Gander Outdoors we need to temporarily suspend these repairs. You can still schedule your repair at 888.308.3006 or by email at We will collect your information and send a firearms shipping box along with a prepaid FedEx label as soon as the temporary pause is over. Gander Outdoors recognizes that this pause in service is an inconvenience and as a result are extending plans an additional 90 days. We anticipate resuming repairs in late 2017. All other in-store services have been suspended until the Gander Outdoors stores open.

8. E-commerce

  • Q: Will the Gander Mountain e-commerce site be ongoing or turned off?

    • is being “paused” temporarily to redesign and update the site and will go live again in Fall 2017.

9. Gander Mountain Credit Cards & Reward Certificates

  • Q: Will store credit cards work in Gander Mountain Stores?

    • We will no longer accept the Gander Mountain store credit card in stores.
    • If you have a question regarding your account, please call the number on the back of your card.
      Gander Mountain Store Credit Card
  • Q: Will my Gander Mountain MasterCard work in stores?

    • We will continue to accept Gander Mountain MasterCards in stores.
    • The Gander Mountain MasterCard is issued by Comenity Bank. Comenity will be able to answer any questions regarding your account status. You can also access your account online.

      Comenity Customer Care
      Monday - Saturday
      8am - 9pm ET

      Gander Mountain MasterCard
      Gander Mountain MasterCard

  • Q: Can I still redeem my reward certificates?

    • Reward certificates earned using the Gander Mountain Store Credit Card and the Gander Mountain MasterCard can not be redeemed at Gander Mountain stores.
  • Q: How can I redeem rewards points I am currently earning?

    • You can redeem your rewards points for gas, gift cards, travel products and more! Click here, sign in, and select the Redeem Now button to redeem your rewards points today!
  • Q: Where do I pay my Gander Mountain MasterCard and Gander Mountain store card bills?

10. Summit Protection Plan and Warranties

  • Q: How will Summit Protection Plans be handled?

    • Summit Protection Plans will still be honored.
    • After June 3, 2017, contact Summit Protection Plan Customer Service Representatives at 1-866-652-4036 to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Q: What about my product’s warranty?

    • Any product purchased prior to May 5, 2017 can be returned under the posted return policy until June 3, 2017.
    • Effective May 5, 2017, all purchases are final, and we will not accept returns or exchanges.
    • Please view our return policy here for additional details.
    • For product warranty information, please contact the product vendor.

11. My Local Gander Mountain Store

  • Q: Is my store closing?

    • At this time, we are running an inventory liquidation event to rid ourselves of excessive store inventory.
    • Nothing has been communicated at this time in regards to closing locations.
  • Q: What are my in-store payment options?

    • We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express Cards.
  • Q. Are you still honoring Best Price Plus/Price Matching?

    • At this time, we are no longer honoring the Best Price Plus or Price Matching policy.
  • Q: Are Gander Academies still open?

    • Gander Academies are temporarily closed until Fall 2017.
    • Punch-cards and paid-for classes will be honored once Gander Academies re-open in Fall 2017.
    • Please use the Store Locator to contact your local Gander Mountain store for additional information.